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Greeninglab for Public Administration

Do you need to certify the sustainability of a public building?

  • We identify the certification protocol best suited to your needs and develop a feasibility analysis in the Preassessment report

  • 1

    We provide the design guidance needed to achieve the set goals

  • 2

    We follow the development of all documentation to support the review by the certification institute for the project phase, including all activities required by the specific certification protocol.

  • 3

    Through periodic reviews of the project, we verify its compliance with the selected protocol

  • 3

    Where required by the selected protocol, we submit for review all the documents related to the project phase

  • 5

    We interface in monthly meetings with the company's sustainability consultant for reporting on the status of site activities related to the sustainability protocol

  • 6

    We take part in the material approval activity together with the construction management and the company's sustainability consultant

  • We submit for review the documentation necessary for verification of requirements and final award of certification

Some projects for public administrations

Historic Buildings

Galleria Borghese – Roma

Preassessment GBC HB®


P. Racagni Primary School

LEED® Italia 2009 NC 2009 | LEED® Gold

Multipurpose Center

Nuovo Centro giovani – Rovereto

LEED® Italia NC 2009 | LEED® Silver