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Systems and Building Envelope Commissioning Authority

We also take on the role of Commissioning Authority (CxA) by managing a systems and building envelope’s entire commissioning process in cooperation with construction management and contractors. Commissioning (Cx) consists of a set of procedures, responsibilities and methods used to lead a technological or building system from the installation phase to full-fledged operation according to its intended design. Cx, therefore, takes the form of a global quality control applied to the construction process.

We therefore fulfil the following activities as Commissioning Authority:

  • coordinating the working group involved in commissioning;
  • validating project documentation to ensure OPR (Owner Project Requirements) and BOD (Basis Of Design) coincide
  • creating the Commissioning Plan (Cx Plan);
  • carrying out site visits to perform functional tests;
  • coordinating operator training activities;
  • reviewing operation and maintenance manuals;
  • compiling required documentation for audits by the certifying body, if the process is part of an application for a sustainability rating;

Commissioning is commonly carried out on new buildings, but can also be conducted on existing buildings as part of a systematic performance improvement process that identifies and implements operation and maintenance upgrades with a quick return on investment.