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Team management for sustainability protocols

We consult and coordinate the project team for our clients as we support them in defining design features and selecting materials and equipment that are in accordance with the requirements of the sustainability ratings chosen. To find out which ratings we support, visit the “certifications” for Green Building section.

We verify the documents produced by designers to guarantee compliance with the requirements of the certification protocol.

We prepare the General Contractor’s Specifications with a description of all charges chargeable to the contractor. During the construction phase, we supervise activities by communicating directly with contractors and verifying that their work is in compliance with requirements.

We require contractors to send monthly reports, prepared along with their consultant, which provide evidence of compliance with the agreed upon targets and timelines; we also handle the approval of materials and equipment proposed by the contractor.

Finally, we manage the project via the online platforms of the various sustainability ratings chosen. We also consult for public administration projects, giving the project manager the necessary support in defining the demands and requirements of the project in compliance with the chosen sustainability rating.