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Energy modelling in a dynamic regime

We carry out dynamic energy modelling of buildings through a mathematical model and a dedicated software that returns the total energy consumption for a given reference period.

The model is populated with the project’s data, and we apply standard profiles for room and equipment use, occupancy, and plant operation to obtain a faithful projection of the actual levels of energy consumption during operation.

When considering sustainability certifications, it’s necessary to compare the “Proposed” design model to the “Baseline” reference model to evaluate reductions in energy consumption. This reference model is constructed using the same floorplan, standards of use and geographical location of the building; what varies between the two models are the energy performance of the envelope and the systems design, two parameters that are determined according to regulatory standards defined by each protocol.

Once the two models are run, we compare their respective levels of energy consumption to obtain a percentage of improvement in the performance of the Proposed building compared to the Baseline building.

We also carry out energy modelling for buildings that are not pursuing any sustainability certification but need to be studied from an energy point of view.