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Parco Leonardo - Hotel Building 2

LEED® Certified Hotel in Rome


The LEED®-certified hotel is in Fiumicino, and has achieved LEED® Silver level. Like its twin hotel directly opposite, on the other side of the railway, it offers comfortable and welcoming spaces that meet the international standards of the group to which it belongs. In all common areas and rooms, high levels of quality meet the needs of leisure and business tourists from all over Europe, thanks to a formula that combines comfort, quality and hospitality.

Its strategic location on the Rome Fiumicino street connects it perfectly to both Rome and Da Vinci Airport.
It is a new building with a modern appearance with an opaque and transparent envelope with high thermo-hygrometric performance, as required by the LEED® protocol. The glazed components have technical characteristics such as to limit, with solar factor 0.25, the incident solar radiation and its propagation effects inside the building.

The systems allow high energy performance due to high efficiencies, as well as the lighting made entirely with LED luminaires. Particular attention has been paid, considering the intended use, to acoustic design to guarantee the comfort of each occupant.

La posizione strategica sulla direttrice Roma Fiumicino lo collega perfettamente sia a Roma sia all”aeroporto Da Vinci.
Si tratta di una nuova costruzione dall’aspetto moderno con involucro opaco e trasparente dalle elevate performance termoigrometriche, come richiesto dal protocollo LEED®. Le componenti vetrate hanno caratteristiche tecniche tali da limitare, con fattore solare 0.25, la radiazione solare incidente e i suoi effetti di propagazione all’interno dell’edificio.

Gli impianti permettono elevate performance energetiche grazie alle alte efficienze, cosiccome l’illuminazione realizzata interamente con corpi illuminanti a LED. Particolare attenzione è stata posta, considerata la destinazione d’uso, alla progettazione acustica a garanzia del comfort di ciascun occupante.


  1.  Air handling units equipped with high-efficiency heat recovery
  2. Outdoor air flow rates according to Ashrae 62.1.2010
  3. Equipment with reduced potable water flow rate
  4. Photovoltaic panels on the roof
  5. Use of materials with low VOC emission and VOC content
  6. Materials with high SRI
  7. Thermal comfort of interior spaces
  8. Energy-efficient exterior envelope
  9. LED luminaires
  10. Sustainable site waste management and indoor air quality control during construction phase


Rating system: LEED® BD+C v4: Hospitality
Certification level: 55/110 points, LEED® Silver

Below, for each category, the percentage contribution to the total certification score. Also to the side, the score achieved against the total score that can be acquired for each category.


Feasibility analysis and pre-assessment

Preliminary assessment of the overall sustainability of the project: selection of the best LEED® certification rating and evaluation of the resulting attainable certification level.

LEED® Team Management during the design phase.

Project team management activities through:
– Guidance on selection of materials and equipment in accordance with LEED® requirements.
– Approval of project documentation in accordance with LEED® requirements.
– Management of the project on LEED®online

LEED® Team Management during the construction phase

Construction team management activities through:
– LEED® approval of materials and equipment
– Management for the implementation of construction plans
– Project management on LEED®online portal

Fundamental Commissioning

Commissioning is a prerequisite for LEED®, the main purpose of which is to ensure that buildings and facilities are designed, constructed, and delivered to clients according to clear and well-defined criteria. The benefits of the process, if implemented on time, are:
– increases in occupant productivity
– containment of construction costs
– shorter plant commissioning times

Enhanced Commissioning

Enhanced Commissioning for both facilities and building envelope, in addition to fundamental commissioning activities, involves analysis and drafting of additional documentation to support the following facility management and implementation of facility testing at 10 months after occupancy.

Energy modelling

energy model activity allows for the comparison of two models of the same building, baseline and proposed, the former built according to Ashrae 90.1 Appendix G and the latter in accordance with the project. The result is a snapshot of the building’s consumption. The comparison between the two models allow to calculate a percentage savings in energy cost.


Architectural Project: Arch. Giuseppe Taccogni – Gruppo Leonardo Caltagirone
Electrical and special systems project: Studio Tecnico Dott. Ing. N. Alacca
Mechanical systems project Studio Tecnico Dott. Ing. N. Alacca
LEED consulting during design and construction GreeningLAB, a division of Planex s.r.l. Engineering companies
Energy Modeling: GreeningLAB, a division of Planex s.r.l. Engineering companies
Commissioning authority: CommissionLab, a division of Planex s.r.l. Engineering companies
Hotel certificato Leed

Parco Leonardo - Hotel Building 2

Via Domenico Fontana, 00054 Fiumicino Roma

Client: Gruppo Leonardo Caltagirone
Intended Use: Hotel
Period of construction: 2019 – 2022
Superficie: 4.313 mq


U.S. Green Building Council* website:

→ Project Info

* U.S. entity involved in the development of the LEED® certification protocol.