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certificazione delle prestazioni ambientali

ARC: environmental performance measurement and certification

This certification assesses the energy-environmental performance of buildings and is aimed at an innovative and continuous monitoring of facility performance over time.

ARC returns performance scores based on information entered by the user deriving from specific measurements and/or surveys relating to the main aspects of the building’s use and management, i.e., water and energy consumption, the amount of waste produced, types of transport and distances travelled by building occupants, and information on occupants’ perceived comfort level.

Based on the data entered, ARC and its unique digital platform calculates a specific score for each category, the sum of which represents an overall score from 1 to 100.

The main advantage of ARC is that it offers an immediate entry into the world of environmental performance measurement and certification, regardless of where you are on your journey towards sustainability. Monitoring a single category can be a beginning that evolves into higher and more advanced sustainability targets.