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Measurement and verification plan

We develop measurement and verification plans according to Option D – Calibrated Simulation (Savings Estimation Method 2), or Option B – Energy Conservation Measure Isolation, of the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol – IPMVP, Volume I – Concepts and Option for Determining Energy Savings in New Construction.

This analysis is based on planning, measuring, collecting and analysing the building’s consumption data for all energy sources to verify and report energy consumption and savings within the building resulting from the implementation of energy-saving measures. It is quite useful to provide a report documenting energy consumption of the building during operation over time.

Containing the energy costs of a building and identifying any issues in the functioning of the plant systems is fundamental to preventing and avoiding problems that may involve the entire building-plant system and to optimising the technological systems within the building itself.

This document can also be developed in conjunction with the requirements for sustainability certifications.